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Skin Firmness LINE

From the age of 30, our skin cells start to work less and less hard, causing cell activity to decrease. This causes changes in the skin. The epidermis becomes thicker and stiffer because the old dead skin cells are removed less quickly. This makes the skin duller, drier, and rougher. The texture of the skin and pores also become increasingly coarse.

The fibroblasts are the main cells of the dermis and are essential for firm and elastic skin. They are able to produce all the molecules that support the skin, such as collagen and elastic fibers. With age, the fiboblasts work less and less hard, causing the elastin and collagen fibers to become less powerful and damaged. As a result, less collagen and elastin are produced. As a result, the dermis loses its firmness and elasticity. The skin becomes weaker and lines and wrinkles appear.

Under the influence of sunlight and hormones, a disturbance can arise in the melanocytes (pigment cells), causing excess melanin (pigment dye) to be produced. This creates an uneven distribution of melanin, which manifests itself in a pigment spot or age spot. This causes the skin to lose its even complexion.

The subcutis (the subcutaneous fat tissue) mainly contains fat cells. These fat cells decrease in volume with age so that the skin has less and less support (tissue). This causes the round and tight contours to relax and fade and can cause sunken cheeks, bags under the eyes, and hamster cheeks.