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Step 1: Cleaning

Do you have tired-looking skin? A dull complexion, dark circles under your eyes? When you cleanse, treat your skin gently. Don't rub but dab, even if you remove make-up. Always use lukewarm water. You can use an exfoliant or scrub to remove dead skin cells. This is very effective to make your skin more radiant. Using it twice a week is sufficient.

Step 2: Care

A major cause of tired-looking skin is, you guessed it, stress. Stress makes your skin look dull, which makes your skin look older. A moisturizer ensures that your skin retains moisture, making you glow again!

Fact: An antioxidant is a substance that neutralizes harmful free radicals. Antioxidant Q10 helps against premature skin aging.

Step 3: Pamper

Stress, going to bed late.. Sometimes you want to spoil your skin with rich ingredients and extra active ingredients. Use I.D. Swiss botanicals face mask to make your skin glow again, or our deep hydrating serum to give your skin a power boost! Choose revitalizing ingredients that match your skin type. For example, vitamin C (present in our radiance moisturizer and nourishing night cream), helps reduce visible signs of fatigue.

Step 4: Protect

Sunlight makes you happy! But, always protect your skin from the sun. The advice is to always use a UV protecting cream. After all, the sun is a major cause of fine lines. So rub well!